New Carmel residents, the DeCourseys, share what life on the Monon in their new custom home is like. Learn why they fell in love with the location of their community at Sunrise on the Monon, what the building process with Old Town Design was like, and their favorite parts of their new home.

How did you first hear about Old Town?

Carol: Well the way that we first heard about Old Town Design Group was at a wedding! Actually, at a wedding reception, we were sitting next to some friends of ours, that go to the same country club that we do, and they were talking about the home that they were building. It just sounded so perfect to us. So, we actually went to see it [their neighborhood and the model], and it was one of Old Town Design Group’s homes, in Old Carmel. There really wasn’t an available lot that appealed to us there, but it gave us the opportunity to meet Justin Moffett. Justin toured us on some of the other homes they’d built, he seemed to know what we might want from talking to him. That was the beginning, just building that relationship with Justin was fabulous.

Could you describe the feeling when you both walked into your finished home?

Paul: This was a labor of love of Carol’s designing and ultimately decorating. As the house became built, and the pieces came together, it was clear to me that what she’d put together was going to be really special, and it is.

Carol: For me, it’s sheer joy and gratitude. The joy came from seeing dreams realized. The gratitude came from being at that place in our life and from being able to work with the people we worked with.

Paul: Old Town did a great job of listening to her vision and putting it on paper, making a few adjustments and you can see the finished product.

What do you like most about your new home?

Carol: Oh – the view! The view, inside and out. I just love that the inside seems to be an extension of the outside. That kind of goes with the Prairie style feeling that we wanted, but I am totally enamored with that as I believe Paul is. But I have to say, a close second, but the location. We feel like we’re tucked away from everything and yet we’re moments away from everything that we want to do, which is fabulous. Then we live in probably the friendliest community that exists.

What do you like most about living in Sunrise on the Monon?

Paul: It’s a community, not a neighborhood. That started when we had the lot selection back in October of 2015 where you get to meet prospective neighbors. So, when we moved in, we knew everybody. I think that distinguishes Old Town from a lot of other builders. People just move in and it takes them a while to get to know their respective neighbors, but we knew everybody.

Carol: Yes, a real feeling of community.

How would you describe your home?

Carol: The style of our home is what I would probably call Prairie. I wanted something kind of Frank Lloyd Wright-like, so marrying the outside with the inside, just kind of an extension there with nature. So that’s kind of how I came to pick colors and stones and things like that. But we really wanted it to be open and clean. Windows and light were of critical importance. That was the first thing, I wanted my black windows. Everything about the process was exciting.

Is there anything else that you’d like to add?

Paul: We have each met people who come to the Food Truck displays each month here, in the warm months, who are looking at potentially buying. We can’t say enough positive things about Old Town. If somebody wants to build something that’s quality and live in a community, versus a neighborhood, this is the place.

Carol: I would just like to add a big thank you, just a big shout out thank you to everyone that contributed to our home becoming what it is. I really feel like everyone at Old Town lives with the motto, “There’s no place like home,”.

The DeCoursey family found the home design and location that was right for them. Make the move and write your own building story with Old Town Design Group at our newest Monon community, Sunrise on the Monon, in the heart of Carmel.

About Sunrise on the Monon

Sunrise on the Monon is nestled in a quiet neighborhood at 99th Street and Westfield Boulevard, with easy access to downtown Carmel, Keystone at the Crossing, I-465, and the Monon Trail. This friendly community offers private wooded lots and intimate village lots to create a sense of community where every home is unique.



SCHOOL DISTRICT: Carmel-Clay Schools
Forest Dale Elementary, Carmel Middle, Carmel High School

ARB REQUIREMENTS: Minimum 1,600 SQ FT Ranch

AMENITIES/FEATURES: Direct access to the Monon Trail

MODEL ADDRESS: 9864 Morningstar Lane, Carmel, IN 46280

MODEL HOURS: Thurs-Sun, Noon to 5pm