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2022 Interior Design Trends

Interior design trends can vary from coast to coast, but what’s making an impact this year? From colors of the year to trim, let’s take a look at interior design trends for……

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2022 Architectural Trends

Each year, our team of experts compiles a list of trending features in the home – from floor plan designs to the use of space throughout the home. This year, we’ve identified five…

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September 22 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Purdue Tailgate at Provenance

Join us for a pre-tailgate party at the Provenance Model before heading to Ross-Ade Stadium to cheer on the Boilermakers! Enjoy beer, snacks and games while catching up with you...

2021 Architectural Trends

While 2020 presented an abundance of problems including working from home, virtual learning and quarantine – there were a few design trends that emerged amidst all of the chaos.

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2021 Interior Design Trends

A majority of homeowners spent nearly all of the last year couped up inside their homes. How has quarantine changed interior design for homes in 2021? We've listed below some…

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Should I Remodel Or Build A New Custom Home In Hamilton County?

To address the age-old question of remodeling versus building new, there are a few things you should consider.

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Working from Home: What’s Your Style?

When designing your dream home with Old Town Design Group, understanding your working needs can be important when deciding where and how to design your home office.

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Breaking Down Popular Home Architectural Styles In Northern Indianapolis

To help you in the search for your forever home, use this architectural style overview to assist you in your custom home building experience.  Pretty soon, you’ll know what style…

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When to Build vs. Buy a New Home

When searching for a new home, it can be hard deciding whether you should build or buy existing. We’ve created a short list of ways to determine if you’re ready to go through the…

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How Technology is Guiding Builders

In the modern day, it can be hard to be completely removed from technology – especially with the advent of smart TVs, phones and watches. Home building by and large is a physical,…

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The Unique History When You Build In Jackson’s Grant

Starting as a parcel of land signed over by President Jackson over 180 years ago, Jackson’ Grant has become a truly one-of-a-kind neighborhood that blends its unique past with…

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2020 Architectural Trends

When designing your home, it’s important to consider how each feature will age with not only your family, but with trends as well. Here are the top four architectural trends we’ve…

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2020 Interior Design Trends

Move aside bold and vibrant tones of 2019, the 2020 Colors of the Year are a cool blend of blues and soft pinks and greens. Color giants like Pantone, Sherwin Williams, Behr, PPG…

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How Your Builder Can Create An Energy-Efficient Home Design In Carmel

Homeowners who have adopted an energy-efficient home design in Carmel have found that their new custom-builds are not only better for a home’s eco-footprint, but also enhances the…

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New Home Upgrades To Skip In Your Indianapolis Custom Build

As you start to custom build your new home in the Indianapolis area, you’ll need to decide which builder upgrades you want. Some upgrades may seem like a no-brainer.  But for…

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