Jackson’s Grant residents, the Fritzs, share what life in their new custom home is like.

What made you decide to live in Jackson’s Grant?

Abbe: The location was the biggest thing. That’s what spurred our interest. We had already decided to build and there’s not a whole lot of places in Carmel where they’re doing new construction. I think, too, knowing everything that we wanted from a house; with the style and the quality of construction, Old Town had. I’ve always loved Old Town. Once we knew the house that we wanted to build could be built with Old Town, in this location; that was the biggest thing for me. We also had friends who were some of the first to build in Jackson’s Grant.

Danny: It was a perfect combination of accomplishing what we wanted. We wanted to build a house in Carmel. We were already familiar with Old Town; with their designs and how well built their houses were. It was within our price point and it’s in a perfect location. I’m a mile and a half away from work. It checked all of the boxes for what we work looking for, so to speak.

Could you describe the feeling when you both walked into your finished home for the first time?

Danny: Excitement. A sense of arriving because we had finally built our dream home.

Abbe: A sense of accomplishment and so overwhelmed with joy. It was everything I had hoped for and more. It’s fun designing your house and seeing the finished product it was wonderful.

What do you like most about your new home?

Abbe: Oh, that’s hard. Honestly, everything. From the design, the aesthetics and the details – it feels like home. It’s felt like home since day one. I think that’s in part because of the people at Old Town. We love our house and our neighbors. We just love this place.

Danny: I mean, there’s lots of things reflective of us in the design: the basement with a walk-up bar, the open concept with the living room-kitchen-dining room, I absolutely love our shower – I feel like I’m in a spa anytime I’m in there. But I think the one thing that makes our house unique, compared to other Old Town houses, is our front elevation. We basically took an already existing Old Town floorplan, gave them the renderings of what we wanted the front of our house to look like, and they were able to bring that to life. It was the perfect marriage of what we wanted the front of our home to look like and the floorplan we fell in love with.

What do you like most about living in Jackson’s Grant?

Danny: The neighbors. We have block parties. Back in the fall, we put cars out and blocked both ends of the street and everyone brought a side item. Another thing, in terms of why I like the neighborhood, is the greenbelt area with lots of paths. For me it’s first neighbors and second the greenbelt area and third would be location.

Abbe: Yeah, we do a lot with the people on our street. I’d say there’s a lot of energy, lots of active people – and at all ages. There are people in their 30’s like us and people in their 50’s and 60’s. It’s a good mix of age ranges.

Is there anything you would like to add?

Abbe: I think we’ve said this before, but everyone we worked with through the whole process was wonderful – but I can’t say enough about Jim. I know that he just works his tail off. It’s so nice to have someone that’s visible and a point of contact throughout the whole process.

Danny: Jim and our New Home Consultant were awesome. They always above and beyond and were always responsive. We’ve already recommended several people to build with Old Town.

The Fritz family found the home design and location that was right for them. Make the move and write your own building story with Old Town Design Group at Jackson’s Grant, in the heart of Carmel.