New Gray Oaks residents, the McMichaels, share what life is like in their new custom home.

What initially made you decide to build in Gray Oaks?

We wanted to live close to the high school and new home construction on the east side of Carmel is limited.  Being in a newly developed neighborhood was enticing.  After visiting the model at Gray Oaks, it was an easy decision to build here. I think craftsman style is the theme of the homes in Gray Oaks and ours is no exception.  We chose warm, earth tones to compliment the architectural style.

Now that you live here, what do you like the most about living in Gray Oaks?

The size of the neighborhood makes it easy to know everyone.  The location is perfect for access to shopping, entertainment and restaurants.  We are in close proximity to Keystone Avenue as well.

What’s your favorite thing about your home?

It will sound a little crazy, but our pantry is amazing.  Nate created a space that extends our kitchen and offers both a computer desk and shelves to hold EVERYTHING! At this point there is nothing we would change [in our home].  Our home suites our family perfectly.  With the help of the Old Town team, we thought through each area carefully.  The spaces we created offer indoor and outdoor family time.  We can entertain friends and family in several comfortable areas.

Tell us about the building experience with Old Town.

From the time we walked into the model and Janel greeted us with her amazing smile to the day we met at our new home for the closing party, it was a great experience.  Everyone at Old Town was professional, thoughtful and most of all had the perspective that our home was their most important task at hand. The most common answer to any question was “this is your home and our goal it to build it just the way you want it”.

Our site manager, Kevin, was amazing.  Since we lived close by during the build process, we were at our home site frequently. He thoughtfully explained each phase, consulted with us regularly and made the changes we needed.  Kevin made us feel like part of the team.  He was always available and ready to help.

Our area supervisor, Tim, was incredible as well.  He was regularly checking in to be sure we felt comfortable and that all was going as planned.  When a question or issue arose (although there were very few) he was quick to respond.

Janel was always the smiling face to brighten every meeting.  Her expertise helped coordinate all of the moving parts.  She checked in regularly throughout the build process and has been an integral part of creating our perfect home.

The rest of the Old Town team guided us through the various parts to make sure everything came together timely and perfectly.  We are thankful to all of them.

Share with us the thoughts and feelings you had when you got to walk into your home fully completed.

We loved showing off our new home to family and friends that day.  Having the Old Town team here to celebrate with us made the day complete. We felt proud to share this beautiful home with everyone.

Would you recommend us to your friends?

Absolutely and have on many occasions throughout our build process.

The McMichael family found the home design and location that was right for them. Make the move and write your own building story with Old Town Design Group.