New Westfield residents, the McDowells, share what life in their new custom home in Chatham Hills is like.

What initially made you want to build in Chatham Hills?

Bill: Well, we had been looking for a couple years for where we wanted to go when we retired, and we were kind of tired of where we used to live; tired of the traffic and how long it took to get to work. So, I started looking around and I saw a sign for Chatham Hills and I thought, ‘well I’ll just go over and check it out’. I’d always wanted to live on a golf course, that certainly checked that box with the course and the beautiful homes. Westfields’ a growing community, there’s a lot of new restaurants and new retail going in on 32, but it still has the feel of a rural, quiet area; we were looking for that. That was what really got us to Chatham Hills initially

What do you like most about living in Chatham Hills?

Amy: I just love the community that we live in- the diversity of folks that live in this community. The natural beauty. It’s so quiet and serene out in Chatham Hills, it really feels like you’re living in a whole different area in Indiana. That was one of the big drawing cards for me to live here.

What’s your favorite thing about your home?

Amy: There is nothing I dislike about our home. Every room has a real great vibe to it. I enjoy every part of the home. That’s what makes building with Old Town special is that every room and every area has a special touch. I would describe my home as very eclectic; bringing in different elements into the home. I really love the state of Indiana, so I really wanted to incorporate limestone, the woods, the feel that makes it Indiana-special. And what was really important to me was that Old Town was really able to listen, to hear what elements, that I wanted to put into the home to make our vision come true. When I walk around the house, it just reminds me so much of this area that we live in and just Indiana in general; that’s what I’m most appreciative about.

Could you describe the feeling when you both walked into your finished home?

Amy: I just felt so overwhelmed with joy. I really felt like all the elements, all the things that we picked out, all the selections really came together. When we walked in and saw the finished product, it just felt so overwhelmingly joyful. I felt, too, that all the team members, from Old Town, take a lot of pride in their work. They were equally as happy, for the product, for the home as we were. I really felt that Old Town was just thrilled and sincere about the house being a home as we were and that’s what made it so important to the both of us.

Bill: Overwhelmed with joy. It was like our dream house. We couldn’t have asked for a better finished home. Every day, I swear, I say to Amy, “Did I ever tell you that I love our house?”. I say that almost every day because it’s true. We love every bit of it, every room. It’s hard to pick out a favorite room because every room is special, and it turned out exactly the way that we envisioned it.

Tell us about the building experience with Old Town Design Group.

Bill: We started out by visiting the model and met with Tammi. After that point, we looked at different Old Town models and figured out that Old Town was a builder that we wanted to work with. We decided after seeing the Maple Ridge model, that we wanted to build a house very similar to that. So, we started working with Nate, we got the plans and started making a few modifications that made the home perfect for us. Most of the model home plan was perfect as is, but we just had some tweaks that we wanted to make that personalized it for us. Nate did a terrific job, and all your staff, during the entire building process.

Amy: I absolutely loved the building experience with Old Town. Initially, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to build a house. I really thought about finding an existing home, but Old Town makes the process so seamless. They’re so organized in the way that they take you through the process, step-by-step. All of their team members are there to support you, to see your vision. I’m really excited, because they already have so many great models, in place but they’re very opened minded about taking your vision and making adjustments to it, to fit your living style. I love that. Every one of the team members make the experience so special. It felt like they were a part of our family, during the whole building process and even after the building process they did a great job, staying in touch and making sure that everything was the way that we wanted it to be. The whole experience has really been so important to Bill and I.

Would you recommend building with us to a friend or family?

Bill: Absolutely. This was such a great building experience. Friends of ours that have seen are home are extremely impressed. So not only physically does it look impressive, but also the building process for us, because Old Town was so great to work with. Everyone took such a sincere interest in making sure that our home ended up the way that we wanted it. We would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to build a home.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Amy: I just want to end by saying, you know, at the end of the home process Old Town has a closing party in the home. That was just so cool because they came in, set up hors d’oeuvres and wine, brought all the folks that were involved in the building of the house, to celebrate the new home. I thought that was so cool that they took a genuine interest, in our home and the outcome of our home. It didn’t feel like once they built it, they hand you the keys and they disappear. They were here with us in the closing and even after the fact, Old Town doesn’t forget their clients. They continue to invite you to parties and events that they’re having. It may sound corny, but Old Town feels like our family – an extension of our family. That’s why it was such a great experience.

The McDowell family found the home design and location that was right for them. Make the move and write your own building story with Old Town Design Group at Chatham Hills.

About Chatham Hills

Chatham Hills is a luxury custom home community along the Chatham Hills golf course in Westfield, Indiana. There are many lots available that Old Town Design Group can build on, including course-front lots and lots with access to the Monon Trail. You’ll find Chatham Hills provides an outstanding location for your custom-built home with its close proximity to US-31 and downtown Westfield. Contact us to find out more about our homes and lots for sale at Chatham Hills.


HOME & LOT PRICE: Starting at $1.3M

SCHOOL DISTRICT: Westfield-Washington Schools
Monon Trail Elementary, Westfield Middle, Westfield Intermediate, Westfield High School

ARB REQUIREMENTS: Minimum 1,500 SQ FT on lots under 100′

AMENITIES/FEATURES: Chatham Hills Clubhouse, Golf Course, Indoor & Outdoor Pools, Tennis & Pickleball Courts, Fitness Center, Bowling, Pro Shop, Restaurants, etc.

MODEL ADDRESS: 1333 Chatham Ridge Ct., Westfield, IN 46074

MODEL HOURS: Thurs–Sun, Noon to 5pm