About Building a House on Your Lot in Carmel & Central Indiana

Building on a lot that is not part of a traditional community can have added challenges. We’ve worked with our in house On Your Lot expert to create a list of what to look for and how to prepare when building on your own lot.

In addition to our exclusive lots in many of the best locations on the north side of Indianapolis, our team can help you with your lot decision outside of our established custom home communities, as well. To help you select the best lot for your needs, we offer free lot consultations to ensure you understand all of the pros and cons associated with each location. Our years of building and land development experience often prove to be invaluable when building on your own lot in Carmel, Zionsville, and Central Indiana.

If the location is an outlot with acreage, we can help you with decisions on house placement, soil testing, septic viability, and zoning issues. If the location is in an established subdivision, we can help identify if it can be a walkout or lookout lot, if the size of house you want will fit, if there are drainage issues, or if there are additional costs of construction to be aware of. If the location is an infill property, we can coach you on the cost of demolition, design restrictions, zoning pitfalls, and unique infill construction costs. This upfront involvement on your lot selection and evaluation can then be used during the design process to ensure you have maximized your lot’s potential.


Interested in building on your own lot in Bargersville or Franklin?