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When building a home in Carmel, the decision to add a basement can be nerve-wracking. On one hand, a basement can add some below-grade space which can house a specialty room, laundry room or extra storage. On the other, is the cost of a basement worth it just to create a large storage room?  

Basically, how do you know if the cost of a basement worth the trouble?

The Pros Of Adding A Basement To Your Carmel Custom Build

A basement is a perfect place for a game room or home gym.
A basement is a perfect place for a game room or home gym.

A basement expands your living space and gives you rooms apart from your main living area to experiment with. Game rooms, home gyms, craft rooms and workshops all are a natural fit for a basement. They can be decorated and redecorated without worrying about how it fits with the rest of the house.  A basement can seem like a secret fortress of solitude where you can escape and be yourself.

Basements also provide a place to hide your HVAC and water heater. You can always tuck them into a closet on an above-ground level, but then you lose a closet. Why take up valuable closet space when you can install your heating and cooling in a more accessible corner in the basement?

To some, the cost of a basement is worth it just for the amount of storage you get out of the deal. Think about a place to put holiday decorations, extra-large kitchen supplies, off-season clothes, extra card tables and chairs, and anything you seldom use except for “special occasions.” Think of all the upstairs room you’ll get for extra storage.

And, since we are in Indiana, a basement is good peace of mind during heavy storms. Indiana is in the stripe known as “Tornado Alley,” and while it’s been rare for a tornado to hit Hamilton County (only 2 have hit since 1965), the sirens have been known to go off.  If you finish your basement, you can ride out those storms in comfort.

Where The Cost Of A Basement Isn’t Worth It

Basements come with stairs, which can be a problem for some homeowners.
Basements come with stairs, which can be a problem for some homeowners.

A basement isn’t for everyone, though. It may give you a space for a wine cellar or to store your childhood tricycle, but you need to use the stairs to get down there. If you have mobility problems — or think you might in the future — a basement may seem like a daunting challenge rather than a benefit.

Also, a basement in Indiana always comes with the possibility of flooding.  If you use a premier builder, like Old Town, your basement will be professionally poured, sealed and protected by a professionally installed sump pump to minimize this risk. If you are thinking about digging down in your custom build, make sure you listen closely to your builder on the initial lot tour to see what the limitations can be.

Old Town Can Help You Decide If A Basement Is Right For Your Carmel Dream House

Old Town Design Group has been Carmel’s premier builder and can help you decide if the cost of a basement fits with your plans. That’s why 94% of our clients stated they were satisfied with their home design process. To discuss your dream home, contact our New Home Consultants at 317.816.3150. 



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