A majority of homeowners spent nearly all of the last year couped up inside their homes. How has quarantine changed interior design for homes in 2021? We’ve listed below some subtle changes we’ve noticed so far.

Light Wood Tones

Gone are the days of heavy, dark wood tones and arriving in 2021 are light, neutral wood tones. Often found in the kitchen, light cabinets are overtaking darker tones. Mixing light wood with neutral tones creates a more subdued, calming atmosphere rather than a dramatic space. After the last year that was full of turmoil and uncertainty, home is a place where relaxation is necessary.

Subtle Tile Patterns

Where we’ve seen bold tile patterns in the last few years, homeowners are moving towards a more subtle tile pattern – often mixing herringbone and large slab tiles in the same color to add a little variety on a backsplash or shower. By having a more subtle tile pattern, the focal point can be the entire space, not just one wall. In addition to subtle tile patterns, we’ve also seen an increase in oversized tiles in bathrooms – floors and walls.

Dark Countertops

Contrasting the light cabinetry, we’ve seen an influx of darker countertops, from granite to quartz. Featured in many homes throughout the 2020 Home-A-Rama, dark tops add a ‘clean’ and often matte approach to kitchens and bathrooms. Rather than being full of veining or speckled areas, darker countertops provide a smooth, tonal finish.

Bolder Powder Baths

The spot to truly be bold is the powder bath. Small areas allow for more creativity at times, meaning a dramatic wallpaper or out-there light fixtures can really go the distance in a powder bath. With the influx of bronze and rose gold finishes on plumbing fixtures, homeowners can make a once forgotten area of the home feel extra luxurious without breaking the bank.

At Old Town Design Group, we’re happy to have our own in-house architectural designers help our clients through the design process. By utilizing an in-house team, clients are able to receive timely answers to questions, design updates and are able to work directly with the source of their home design. Start your design process today by contacting one of our New Home Consultants.



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