While 2020 presented an abundance of problems including working from home, virtual learning and quarantine – there were a few design trends that emerged amidst all of the chaos.


Nothing was more challenging than being forced to work from home over the last year. One minute you’re in an office downtown, the next you’re working around children’s schoolwork and messy pets. A designated work from home space, that can fit multiple people, is essential in-home designs moving forward. Now that we’ve been working from home for nearly a year, where multi-use spaces were the first version, dedicated home offices are crucial, especially with multiple professionals often working from the same home.


Storage has long been an emerging trend in home design and that isn’t changing anytime soon. With the whole world plunged into a quarantine, cohabitating effectively was of the utmost importance last year. When designing a home, it’s important to think ahead about exactly what type of storage you need and for what items – that way, everything has a designated place rather than just being tossed in an already stuffed hall closet.


Over the last decade we’ve seen it all: quaint farmhouses, chic ultra-modern, ornamental craftsman. But where are we now? We’re seeing a mixture of styles that are creating a transitional design. Transitional designs encapsulate traditional forms while adding modern finishes to create personalization. Transitional homes can be colorful and full of intricate trim work or more neutral and rustic.


In the last year, we’ve seen an influx of key fixtures. Key fixtures are a central, impactful feature that captures the imagination. This could be a rooftop entertainment space, a bathroom oasis or even a grand open stairwell with a ‘cloud’ ceiling.

At Old Town Design Group, we’re happy to have our own in-house architectural designers help our clientsthrough the design process. By utilizing an in-house team, clients are able to receive timely answers to questions, design updates and are able to work directly with the source of their home design. Start your design process today by contacting one of our New Home Consultants.



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