New Carmel residents, the Dysons, share what life in their new custom home in Sunrise on the Monon is like. Hear how they first heard about Old Town Design Group, what Bill’s favorite part of the house is, and why they love their new community.

What made you choose Sunrise on the Monon as your community?

Bill: The Monon Trail. We use the Monon a lot and we decided that if we were going to move, we needed to be close to the trail.

Susannah: We had a home in Westfield where we lived for over 20 years and we were right on the Monon there too. There was no way I was going to move if I couldn’t be close to the trail again since we walk, bike or run it nearly every day. We knew we wanted to build and there’s not a lot of options to build a home along the trail.

Could you describe the feeling when you both walked into your finished home?

Susannah: We were just really happy that it was finished. A few weeks before closing, our construction manager said he wanted us to stop coming every day so that there could be some surprise at seeing it finished.

Bill: The home was exactly what we had in mind. Living in the apartments, we were able to come over every day so there wasn’t a huge feeling, since we’d seen the home every step of the way. Once it was all cleaned up, it was the feeling of, ‘Yeah, this is it.’

How would you describe the style of your home?

Susannah: I think it’s a Craftsman style, but we went for something that’s casual and cozy. It’s not modern but it’s also not super formal. It’s very casual like we are. So many houses can be all white on white, which I know is popular right now, but the blue is exactly our style. It’s us.

Bill: It’s blue and we cannot disagree with it being called a ‘House of Closets’. Our new home consultant came up with that. She’d be giving tours in the house and said that you couldn’t turn around without finding another closet. But we had a very specific plan for usage of each one and it’s worked out well.

What do you like most about living in Sunrise on the Monon?

Susannah: Besides being close to the Monon Trail, everyone is so active and friendly. We love all of our neighbors. We walk a lot and sometimes it can be difficult to get a long walk in because we stop and talk to all the neighbors. But it’s a good problem to have – Sunrise is a perfect fit for us!

Bill: It’s a community like no other that we’ve lived in as far as openness and friendliness. One neighbor brought a monthly Drinks on the Drive tradition with them and it’s been a great way to keep in touch with the entire community.

The Dyson family found the home design and location that was right for them. Make the move and write your own building story with Old Town Design Group at our newest Monon community, Sunrise on the Monon, in the heart of Carmel.

About Sunrise on the Monon

Sunrise on the Monon is nestled in a quiet neighborhood at 99th Street and Westfield Boulevard, with easy access to downtown Carmel, Keystone at the Crossing, I-465, and the Monon Trail. This friendly community offers private wooded lots and intimate village lots to create a sense of community where every home is unique.



SCHOOL DISTRICT: Carmel-Clay Schools
Forest Dale Elementary, Carmel Middle, Carmel High School

ARB REQUIREMENTS: Minimum 1,600 SQ FT Ranch

AMENITIES/FEATURES: Direct access to the Monon Trail

MODEL ADDRESS: 9864 Morningstar Lane, Carmel, IN 46280

MODEL HOURS: Thurs-Sun, Noon to 5pm