In the realm of Central Indiana home building, Old Town Design Group stands out as a distinguished player, offering a diverse range of home types tailored to meet the needs of all stages of life. We know every potential buyer has specific needs when it comes to crafting their perfect home, so we present four outstanding choices: Move In-Ready Homes, Curated Collection, Custom Homes, and Townhomes. Each type carries its own set of features and advantages that cater to different tastes and requirements.

Move In-Ready Homes

Old Town Design Group’s move in-ready homes can be either fully completed homes or pre-selected sites and floorplans that buyers can customize with their own design and finish choices. Every one of our for-sale move in-ready homes is crafted with our trademark meticulous attention to detail. These homes are designed by our expert team and reflect the latest trends and architectural styles. There are many advantages of purchasing a move in-ready home, but the primary ones are time efficiency, professional design, and simplified decision-making.

Move-in ready homes offer a swift solution for those looking to settle into a new home without the extended wait associated with construction. You won’t need to lift a finger or stress about supply chain issues prior to your move-in date!

The homes in this category are crafted to highlight our team’s design expertise, incorporating modern aesthetics and thoughtful layouts. We work hard, studying the latest trends and exploring timeless colors, textures, and finishes to provide buyers with a home that perfectly blends modern convenience with elegant and timeless architecture and design.

Buyers looking at an Old Town Design Group move in-ready home can make quicker decisions than with a typical builder because the home is already built. The only decision to be made is whether the home meshes with their style and meets their budget and practical needs.

If purchased early enough, a move in-ready home in the beginning stages provides opportunities for customization with respect to colors, finishes, and personal touches. Buyers can get a taste for the custom homebuilding experience without worrying about floor plans or architectural details.

Curated Collection

Curated Collection

For those who desire a touch of personalization without the extensive time commitment and cost of a fully customized home, Old Town Design Group offers the Curated Collection. If you’ve driven through downtown Carmel or Westfield, you’ve likely seen our work. Old Town’s Curated Collection homes have a distinct and timeless style that elevates not only your property but also the surrounding neighborhood.

Our Curated Collection streamlines the home-buying process, offering a balance between customization and efficiency. These homes are pre-designed with a selection of curated finishes, allowing buyers to add their personal flair to a predetermined layout through design choices like cabinetry, paint colors, flooring, and more.

Buyers of curated homes first select their desired floor plan and then work with our design team to choose from a range of finishes to ensure the home aligns with their unique style preferences. We offer over 30 floor plans to choose from, including one- and two-story Craftsman, Modern, Tudor, Contemporary, and Farmhouse styles. Buyers then work with Everything Home, our interior design partner, who provides guidance and advice throughout the entire process.

All the finishes are designed by Old Town Design Group, ensuring a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing design from front to back. Buyers will be hard pressed to find other high end home builders in the Indianapolis metro area that offer a process as convenient and efficient for achieving an elevated, unique home that owners will enjoy living in for years to come.

A custom home with blue siding and a grassy yard in Westfield, Indiana.

Custom Homes

For those seeking complete personalization, Old Town Design Group provides the option of fully customized homes. These residences are bespoke creations, allowing homeowners to participate in the design process from initial planning to finish selection and breaking ground. When you build a custom home with Old Town Design Group, you guide our designs with your inspiration so that our expert team can craft the home of your dreams. If you’re considering a custom home, we highly recommend joining us for our 2024 Custom Home Tour, where you can tour new model homes in the area’s most desirable communities. Explore golf course living in Holliday Farms, lakeside life in Chatham Village, or visit Midland South to see what downtown living could be like in the No. 4 Best Small City in America*.

Custom home buyers can be as hands-on as they would like. We encourage them to work closely with our architects to create a home that aligns perfectly with their vision and lifestyle. Whether they have a design in mind or just a vague idea of what they’d like, we can work with buyers to turn their vision into a reality. In addition to including everything you want and nothing you don’t, designing a custom home allows for the incorporation of unique features, ensuring that the residence stands out as a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

The level of personalization in our custom homes results in long-term satisfaction because every aspect of the home reflects the homeowner’s unique tastes and preferences. While the idea of building a custom home can seem as overwhelming as it is exciting, our Core Team of construction managers, new home consultants, and interior designers guides buyers every step of the way as they make key decisions so that they fully understand the impact their decisions will have on the functionality of the finished home. Our process is streamlined and easy to follow, saving you time, hassle, and money while creating the perfect home. We believe our work speaks for itself and hope you’ll join us for our 2024 Custom Home Tour [link:].



If a standalone home isn’t suited to your stage of life, we also offer customized builds in Central Indiana’s best townhome communities. Buyers seeking a smaller footprint, a low-maintenance lifestyle, or the convenience of downtown living will enjoy our elevated townhome designs. Each meticulously crafted Old Town townhome boasts innovative architecture, customized features, and unique details that reflect the owner’s personal style and flair.

Our townhome building experience is second to none. Like homes in our Curated Collection, we provide buyers with their choice of available floor plans and interior design “vignettes” before we’ve even broken ground. The exterior of a townhome may need to blend into the surrounding community, but with Old Town Design Group, that’s where the similarities end. We partner with our clients to craft a truly unique home that reflects their personal style and functional needs.

When you purchase an Old Town Design Group townhome before we’ve poured the foundation, you’ll be able to select everything from plumbing and light fixtures to flooring and countertops to cabinetry at our expertly curated design studio. Once your selections are made, we give you access to BuilderTrend so you can keep track of your home’s progress and get answers to your questions from your Core Team every step of the way. We’re here for you from foundation to finishing touches, like blinds, furniture, and decorative elements to make your new house feel like home.

For a sneak peek at what life in an Old Town townhome could look like, visit Midland South on our Custom Home Tour!

Experience the Difference

Old Town Design Group’s commitment to delivering high-quality homes is evident in every inch of the homes we create and the level of start-to-finish service we provide. Whether buyers opt for one of our move-in ready spec homes, the simplified elegance of our curated collection, the unparalleled personalization of a custom home, or the simplicity of a townhome, Old Town Design Group is committed to providing tailored home solutions that suit every owner and all stages of life.

Whatever your homebuying journey looks like, Old Town Design Group is here to provide a seamless home building experience that sets us apart from other custom home builders in Carmel, Zionsville, Westfield, and beyond.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation and take the first step toward life in your very own Old Town home!

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