Custom built home with an energy-efficient design.
Custom built home with an energy-efficient design.

Homeowners who have adopted an energy-efficient home design in Carmel have found that their new custom-builds are not only better for a home’s eco-footprint, but also enhances the owner’s lifestyle.  As you build an energy-conscious home, you’ll find better heating and cooling options, lower monthly bills, and the convenience of home automation.  With the right home builder in Carmel, energy-efficiency becomes the indispensable comfort you can’t imagine your life without.

What Can Energy-Efficient Home Design Do For You?

Energy-efficient home design can help you reduce their energy expenses while enhancing your lifestyle.
Energy-efficient home design can help you reduce their energy expenses while enhancing your lifestyle.

The demand for energy-efficient houses has significantly increased over the past few years. These homes provide:

●     Better quality of life: Energy-efficient materials will keep the thermostat from working harder and eliminate cold and hot spots in your home. Home automation systems and smart items adapt to your daily routine so you don’t expend unnecessary energy.

●     Benefits for the environment: According to the EPA, 11% of greenhouse gases produced in the U.S. comes from residential dwellings and commercial buildings. Building your Carmel home with smarter heating systems and high-quality materials will lower your carbon footprint by consuming less energy.

Lower Monthly Bills: The energy conservation you see in your house will reflect in your monthly power, gas, and water bills.

What To Look For In An Energy-Efficient Home Design

Energy-efficient homes are constructed using high quality techniques and materials.
Energy-efficient homes are constructed using high quality techniques and materials.

When you build your custom home in Carmel, your builder will use several steps to ensure they use an energy-efficient design plan.

● Create A Custom Layout That Combines Lifestyle With Energy-Efficiency

Energy efficiency doesn’t come in a pre-set layout.  Rather, it happens when your layout flows with your lifestyle.  A builder like Old Town Design Group will start the building process by listening to your needs and then designing your home so that there is no unused space — both inside and outside your home.

If you don’t know what you want in your custom home, check out a recent build.  By visiting a model home, it becomes quickly clear if the builder can effectively use energy-efficient techniques and quality materials.  And it gives you a point of reference to start the design process.

● Use Top Quality Materials Made For Energy-Efficiency

You can always tell when a house is constructed with materials that leak energy like a sieve. Walls are thin and hollow.  Windows and doors leave a draft.  And it takes forever for hot water to come on. 

For an energy-efficient home, you need to choose a builder that insists on quality materials, even when they are above code-standard.  From attic windows to basement carpeting, your builder can suggest quality and efficient materials.  Also lean on your builder to know the difference between the most expensive materials and the more efficient materials.

● Install Smart Tech For Home Automation

Installing tech devices that increase automation will reduce the overall energy output of your home. Your builder’s design plan can include a whole house system that integrates heat, lights, security, and other functions together.  By becoming more responsive to your needs, your smart home can improve energy conservation by approximately 30-40%.  And you’ll never have to worry if you left the lights on or the garage door up!

Old Town Can Design Your Energy-Efficient Home In Carmel

At Old Town, you will have one cohesive team working together to design and build your home. Our architects, builders, and designers have extensive experience in all the steps involved with building an energy-efficient home.  Reach out to one of our New Home Consultants and call us at 317-816-3151 today!



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